So, working on a PhD in Computer Science is a pretty strange thing, generally. Sometimes it is specifically strange.

For instance, if you inspect the source for Delivery Express, Amherst's source for all things lazy and food, you'll see some shady javascript at the bottom:

if(document.getElementById('bestpage') != null){document.getElementById('bestpage').style.visibility = 'hidden'; document.getElementById('bestpage').style.width = '0px'; document.getElementById('bestpage').style.height = '0px';}

They are sweeping a 'bestpage' div under the rug. What might be on there?

<div id='bestpage'>The <a href="">viagra online</a>  merchandise are made in such a way that it works as much as the necessity of the shopper and fulfill their necessities on the similar time. Finest offers and presents are provided by <a href="">cialis online</a>  products which also do promise a lot. Card video games are additionally well-known in <a href="">casino online</a> games.</div>

Looks like our local delivery service has a penchant for ED drugs and gambling. To see for yourself, pop open a console, and run:

document.getElementById('bestpage').style.visibility = 'visible'

I have no idea why it is there, but it definitely is.