Previously I wrote about the jwz puzzle, asking if anyone knew the meaning of this hex:

47E0 E2BD FAAF 7FE2 F206 C9F6 939F E07E

This is wrong - my scraping script was clobbering things for some reason and the initial hex was overwritten. Here's the correct hex:

8581 30C4 E80F A146 C800 7AC6 70BB 69BF

I found this because someone reached out about my old post to tell me about their progress. They did some very clever things (I won't ruin the fun by sharing) that place the problem at least within the domain of 'solvable at all.'

As before:

Ok, does this hex mean anything to anyone?

It's the first line of a hexdump. It doesn't seem to map to any magic numbers or file headers. I'm stumped.

For reference, I've been scraping the hex on for a while (and scraped everything in the wayback machine). It definitely looks like some kind of hexdump; the displayed chunks change over time. It probably means something, because:

mail me if you find the secret (no, you can't have a hint)

I have much more but I don't want to ruin the fun by posting it. Please email if you have an inkling.

Incidentally, as of today, jwz is sounding the alarm that he can't afford to prop up the DNA lounge any more. It's a weird peice of SF culture that I don't want to see die. If you are in the area, go to a show!