So, some time ago, we released our source for the graph-structured-input-to-neural-nets work.

Github has tagged the language as 'OpenEdge ABL.' It's, um, python.

Weird: 'OpenEdge Advanced Business Language, or OpenEdge ABL for short, is a business application development language created and maintained by Progress Software Corporation (PSC). The language, typically classified as a fourth-generation programming language, uses an English-like syntax to simplify software development.'

What I'm wondering is why their project-language-inference thing choked so hard on this one. What about the project makes it seem like English-like syntax? Is it the verbose (and I think woefully out of date, sorry) pip project management stuff? Is it that I wrote comments?

Or, have neural nets finally risen up and realized that DCNNs will six-sigma us into an exponential era of mindless data growth? 1% of that market and we're on a rocket straight to the moon. The Uber of analysis!