According to the $15.00 monthly bill that started popping up, my AWS free-tier usage has ended. There are ways to convert to a cheaper instance, but they are crazy and no thanks.

This site is very simple. The core is a python script that reads in a bunch of html, annotated markdown, and static content like images, then compiles everything to a deployable site. At the end of the day it's just a rough jekyll clone that does a few extra things like: cook up a landing page, add some bootstrap bells-and-whistles, find all the css and slap it together, resize images, and so on and so forth. Everything is totally static. When I write a new post, I just recompile the site and rsync the result over to my t1.micro AWS instance, which serves up the static pages with Apache. No fuss, little muss.

Until now. Now there is $15.00 / month worth of fuss and the solutions create muss. An entire server is massive overkill for this task, but, well, it used to be free. I could just put the static files on S3, but S3 doesn't allow scp / rsync for reasons both unknown and unfathomable. I could just, you know, pay the bill, but that's like two Hulu subscriptions and I'm not nearly half as entertaining as one.