• Diffusion-Convolutional Neural Networks
    Extends convolutional neural networks to general graph-structured data through a diffusion process.
    pdf arxiv src 11/06/15

  • Learning to Generate Networks
    Black-box generative models don't encode network structure very well.
    pdf arxiv 12/13/14

  • Efficient Network Generation under General Preferential Attachment
    Faster, more general network structure generation.
    pdf src 04/01/14

  • Agglomerative Clustering of Bagged Data Using Joint Distributions
    A clustering method based on the distance between models.
    pdf 06/01/13

  • Health benefits and cost-effectiveness of primary genetic screening for Lynch syndrome in the general population
    Screening for Lynch syndrome in the general population is a cost-effective way to save lives.
    pdf supplement 09/01/11