• this
    The source for this site.

  • SCNN
    Extends convolutional neural networks to general graph-structured data through search.

  • snap-facebook
    A python script that parses the SNAP facebook dataset into a single NetworkX network.

  • ergm
    An extensible pure-python implementation of the exponential random graph model.

  • bitrans
    A bitcoin transaction script language / vm implementation.

  • deepnet
    A simple implementation of deep neural nets in Python.

  • iota
    A lisp interpreter.

  • quicknet
    A fast network simulator.

  • include.el
    A dead-simple dependency management system for emacs.

  • strie.el
    A simple elisp implementation of the trie data structure.

  • purty-mode
    Safely pretty-print greek letters, mathematical symbols, or anything else in emacs.